Putting thoughts into words is hard and requires concentration.

But, modern text editors and note-taking apps don’t help us concentrate. The fancy user interface, the sophisticated formatting and the endless options have always distracted us from doing the really important things: thinking and writing.

Lenote is a simple, distraction-free notetaking app that lets you capture and organize thoughts more productively.

Download Lenote

Distraction-free. Focus on putting thoughts into words.

Open the current note in a focus window : Command + Shift + O
Open note(s) in focus window(s) : Right-Click → Open or Double-Click

Write beautifully structured notes without clicking any buttons.

Learn how to format text in 1 minute : Menu → Help → Lenote Help

Quick open any note in any notebooks.

Open the quick-open modal : Command + T
Move note selection : Arrow-Down and Arrow-Up
Open the note in a focus window : Return or Left-Click
Open the note in the main window : Option + Return or Option + Left-Click
Close the quick-open modal : ESC

Spell Checking, Grammar Checking, Auto Completion.

Show Auto Completions : ESC
Turn on/off Spell Checking and Grammar Checking : Menu → Edit → Spelling and Grammar

Export notes as PDF and Plain Text

Export : Menu → Note → Export Note

Share your writing via Email, Messages, Twitter ...

Note : Sharing feature is only available on Mac OSX 10.8 and later
Share the current note : Right-Click → Share Note or Menu → Note → Share Note

Remind you to review important and in-progress notes.

Note : Remind feature is only available on Mac OSX 10.8 and later